On-Site Dental Laboratory

Dental Labs for Dentures Clayfield, Brisbane

Dentures at Clayfield in Brisbane North have a purpose-built dental laboratory, producing precision dentures in a faster turn-around time.

Our in-house dental laboratory is a key part of Dentures at Clayfield’s commitment to premium denture services.

Generally, the standard procedure following a dental impression for a denture appliance would involve the practice “outsourcing” the dental laboratory to a commercial provider. This would be with dental technicians who have not direct contact with the dental practice nor the individual patient.

This outsourcing has a considerable downfall for the overall quality and precision of the denture. Without direct oversight by the dentist, the final appliance may have errors and require further adjustments, which adds to the turn-around time.

Precision dentures

All dentures are made on-site in our dedicated dental laboratory with the watchful eye of our prosthetist Rod so the quality control will never be compromised. Our prosthetist will ensure your dentures exceed your expectations.

Our highly experienced technicians are able to start creating your device immediately after they receive your specifications and impressions. As well as make any final adjustments promptly.

New denture technology

Our dental laboratory fabricates all products using the highest quality materials. Along with this, we use sophisticated measuring instruments to record your facial information as well as your individual jaw and muscle movements through oral impressions.

Utilising state-of-the-art equipment and tools, our dental technicians can craft an exceptional quality device which will seamlessly fit your smile.

Advantages of an on-site dental laboratory

Faster turn-around time

As soon as our dental technicians receive your measurements and specifications, they can begin fabricating your customised denture device. They are also available on-site to provide immediate adjustments if required.

As a result, we can produce precision denture devices in about half the time in comparison to an outsourcing practice.

Better quality control

Our prosthetist and dental technicians consult with one another throughout the course of treatment as specifics may change. The ability to confer directly at each stage ensures the result matches your requirements.

Higher patient satisfaction

As our dental laboratory is directly involved with our patients along with our prosthetist, we are able to produce consistently higher quality appliances within a shorter timeframe. The result will be a seamless fit denture or mouthguard so patients can enjoy a hassle-free service.

Denture Clinic Clayfield

Dentures at Clayfield provides the Brisbane’s northern suburbs with high-quality, reliable denture solutions.

For more information or to request an appointment with our highly experienced Dental Prosthetist, call our team on (07) 3862 2256.

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