Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures in Clayfield, Brisbane

Are you missing a single tooth or multiple teeth? Partial dentures offer a simple and affordable solution.

How do we make partial dentures

We begin by making impressions and moulds of your remaining teeth, gums, and jaw. Precise measurements of the distance between your jaws and the gap left by missing teeth are taken, enabling us to make a cast of your dentures. This will help us create the partial dentures that fit you perfectly.

Following this initial visit, a fitting is scheduled, wherein final in-chair adjustments to the dentures can be made. Thereafter you will get to go home with well-fitted, attractive, and functional partial dentures.

How long does it take to get partial dentures

Partial dentures are made in our on-site dental laboratory. This means you can expect a faster turnaround time as opposed to clinics who operate with external laboratories. The creation and fitting of your partial dentures will take a few weeks at most.

Are partial dentures comfortable

Contrary to popular belief, high quality partial dentures do not involve messy adhesives, annoying cleaning routines and the embarrassment of slipping out. Instead, they offer a comfortable, sturdy and incredibly natural-looking solution for those with a single or a few missing teeth; restoring beautiful smiles.

How to take care of partial dentures?

Although dentures look and function as natural teeth, caring for them is not the same. It is important to understand that dentures are made of a specific material that requires specialised, gentle care.

How often do you clean dentures?

You should clean your dentures twice daily (the same as you would with your natural teeth). This will help prevent oral infections and inflammation that could lead to further tooth loss.

How do you clean partial dentures?

You can clean your dentures in three easy steps:

Step 1: Rinse your dentures under cold water and use a soft denture brush to remove any debris.

Step 2: Soak your dentures in a denture cleaning tablet or solution. While you’re waiting, brush your gums to stimulate blood circulation.

Step 3: Rinse your dentures.

Do not clean your dentures with:

  • Toothpaste
  • Boiling hot water
  • Bleaching products
  • Anything abrasive
  • Anything not designed for dentures

There is no need to vigorously brush them, to use toothpaste, to put them in the dishwasher, or anything more abrasive. Subjecting your dentures to harsh cleaning practices can damage them. Be sure to only use cleaning products and methods specifically designed for dentures.

Eating with partial upper denture

Eating with new partial dentures may feel a little strange in the beginning. But this will only be for a short period. We recommend that you start by eating soft foods cut into small pieces. Exercise your dentures by chewing on both sides of your mouth to exert even pressure on both sides. Avoid foods that are extremely sticky as they may weaken your gum and affect how the dentures fit.

Adjusting partial denture clasps

Over time, your mouth will change. The bone and gum areas may shrink or recede, causing the space between the jaws to change. Because your partial denture keeps its shape, adjustments will be needed to keep it fitting properly. Always consult your dentist rather than trying to fix the problem yourself. Never bend any part of the metal yourself. Doing so may weaken the metal structure.

Sore gums from partial dentures

You can expect soreness if your new partial denture puts too much pressure on a particular area. When this happens, check in with one of our dentists at Dentures at Clayfield. We will adjust the partial denture to fit more comfortably. You can also expect your DP to recommend taking out your partial dentures before you go to bed and put them back on in the morning. Be sure to put the dentures in some water so that they do not dry out.

Partial Dentures Brisbane

To request a personalised consultation to determine the health of your gums and remaining teeth, and suitability for partial dentures, contact us.


Asking your dentist for a non-abrasive denture cleanser is the best product to remove stains from your dentures and brighten their appearance. Avoid using at home whitening products as these contain bleach which may weaken the dentures. If you are not satisfied after trying to clean them at home, professional cleaning by your dentist can take a few minutes and will have your dentures looking as good as new.

Most partial dentures will allow for additional teeth to be added to them, but it is important to discuss your options with your dentist at Dentures at Clayfield. Choosing to add teeth to your current partial dentures requires that the crafted bite allow for the repair. If your bite will not allow for the alterations, you may have to receive further changes to your teeth.

One advantage of removable partial dentures is that they do not involve damaging healthy teeth, like a tooth-supported fixed bridge. One of the down sides is that they will never be as attractive or as functional as an implant-supported restoration.

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