What to Do When You Damage Your Dentures

What to Do When You Damage Your Dentures

How they break 

Broken dentures are a common mishap, especially if you have been wearing dentures for an extensive amount of time. Dentures are liable to breaks, cracks, chips, lost teeth, and warping.

Although dentures are meant to replace natural teeth, they are still perceptive to hazards of normal teeth, plus more, as they are synthetic and removable.

Your teeth undergo a lot of pressure on a daily basis.

Daily wear and tear that can impact your dentures include:

  • Chewing and crunching food
  • Temperature variation in cold and hot food and beverages
  • Pressure from clenching your teeth

Other causes for damaged dentures can just be on accident while dentures are not being worn, as people remove their dentures overnight. This means they are vulnerable to being dropped or crushed, which is very common.

What not to do

If your denture does get damaged, don’t attempt to repair it yourself. This is the most common reaction people have to broken dentures because of their initial panic; you can’t do much without your teeth. Attempting to repair your dentures yourself could actually cause further damage.

Here are some things you should definitely avoid if you damage your denture:

  • Superglue or Crazy glue: Many DIY denture repair tutorials on the internet claim that using superglue to repair your dentures is an effective solution. However, these substances are not created for internal use. They contain toxic chemicals that could not only further damage your appliance and could also burn your mouth and lead to health problems.
  • Avoid denture repair kits: There are a ton of DIY denture repair kits available that claim to fix your dentures effectively. And although some of the tools are much safer to use on mouth appliances than glue, repairing a denture requires extensive knowledge and very specific skills.

What to do

We agree that it is highest priority to repair your broken dentures as soon as possible so that you can get back to your daily life. When your dentures need to be repaired, contact Dentures at Clayfield right away.

We offer emergency same day denture repair. When you bring in your broken denture, we will assess the issue and then start on your denture repairs immediately. Our on-site denture laboratory allows us to prioritize your appliances, start the repairs and additions right away, and have your denture back to you within the same day.

Our emergency same-day denture repair service includes:

  • Cracks and chips
  • Fractures
  • Broken dentures
  • Tooth replacements and additions

For emergency denture repair, or to find out more about our denture services; contact us here.

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