Repairs and Additions

Same Day Denture Repair Clayfield, Brisbane

Denture chips, cracks or breaks can be caused by daily wear and tear, age or the result of an unstable device.

Have you sustained a denture breakage? Whether it’s a simple crack or broken teeth, a custom denture repair is required. In the case of a tooth extraction, additional teeth or clasp may be required. This too will need a denture adjustment.

Denture repair service

While our dentures are considered durable and sturdy, they do not respond well to being dropped onto hard surfaces. However, we understand things go wrong. With Dentures at Clayfield as your partner in denture care, you can rest assured your dentures will be repaired as soon as possible. These adjustments will be made from high-quality resilient materials to help prevent future accidents.

Emergency – same day denture repair

We are able to offer emergency denture repairs in our on-site laboratory within the same day.

It is extremely important to repair your dentures as soon as possible. To help you get back to living comfortably, we assess your needs and start on repairs immediately.

How to repair broken dentures?

Dentures at Clayfield strongly advise against attempting to repair your own denture at home. In our experience, super glue is not an alternative to a denture repair made in a dental laboratory. This is toxic and will cause further damage to your denture.

Can chipped dentures be repaired?

Our same-day denture service includes repairs or additions for the following denture issues:

  • Cracked or chipped dentures
  • Fractured dentures
  • Broken dentures
  • Tooth replacement or additions

What does the repair process involve?

The repair process will be dependent on each person’s unique requirements and initial assessment. Typically, an emergency repair service will involve taking an impression or mould of your damaged denture, adding a strengthener or prosthetic teeth. The final stage will involve curing the denture and polish.

Same Day Denture Repair Brisbane

To request an appointment for same-day denture repair with Brisbane’s preferred denture clinic, contact us.

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