Jaw-Dropping Facts About Dentures

Jaw-Dropping Facts About Dentures

Whether through cartoons or attempts by TV shows or movies to be funny, dentures have long been the butt of some very misinformed jokes.

But what do people really even know about dentures? That they are only for old people? Wrong. That they fall out of your mouth whenever you open it to speak? Try again. The fact is that dentures have been an effective and popular treatment for missing or damaged teeth for a very long time and have taken massive strides much like any other arm of dentistry. There are many things that can compromise the integrity of our teeth and even modern medicine means that we are living longer than ever before. This means the likelihood of our teeth becoming broken or missing is increased dramatically. Let’s check out some things that you may not know about dentures.

Dentures as “False Tooth Tomfoolery”

Despite being constantly being poked fun at by Western pop culture including The Simpsons, Betty Boop, Johnny Bravo and Futurama, dentures provide an excellent solution to the problem of missing or severely damaged teeth. The people who have never heard of dentures are left with an impression of dentures and simply furthers the incorrect belief that they serve no purpose other than to be ridiculed. The term “False Tooth Tomfoolery” was actually coined on the internet and it permeates cartoons, TV shows movies and even literature wherein To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout and Jem speak at length about their neighbour’s dentures.

Dentures have been around for a long, long time

This might come as a shock to some, but the very first set of dentures was used in Etruscans in Northern Italy as early as 700 BC when they started to create dentures from the teeth of animals, and from other people. They weren’t nearly as durable and long-lasting as what we can achieve today but they were easy to make, and this method of production was endured all the way up until the 1800s.

These days, we make fully customised dentures from complex materials that are designed to replicate your natural teeth and blend them seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Dentures can dramatically improve the quality of your life and give you back the ability to smile with freedom.

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