Mouth guards in the sport field

Mouth guards in the sport field

Why do sportsmen and sportswomen rely on the mouthguard?

There a few reasons why sports people rely on mouth guards, wearing one can prevent you from suffering from an avulsion which is when your tooth is knocked out from its root. It’s easy to imagine the pain that comes with this, as well as the inconvenience of trying to fix your smile afterwards. Your mouth guard will also prevent tooth fractures, it could be a chip or breaking completely. Because chipped teeth can often be difficult to save after an accident, prevention is almost always the best option. In particular, sports like hockey, soccer, rugby and boxing can be fun but not so kind to the teeth, you can often find yourself being hit in the head and face. Wearing your mouthguard helps in this regard, it provides a cushion for your mouth and jaw. This keeps your tongue, chin, teeth and gum safe.

Dental injuries that can ruin your match

Fracture – this can be classified as root fracture which is a broken tooth or chipped tooth, the remaining tooth would need to be stabilised by you gently biting into a towel to control the bleeding. Sometimes the fracture is only noticed when you develop an infection. If you do have a fracture, separate the piece of tooth and ensure that the tooth fragment is kept in salt water, milk or under your tongue. You will need to See the dentist as soon as you can to ensure that the pulp doesn’t get infected, which could lead to necrosis and tooth loss.

Avulsion – this occurs when the tooth is completely displaced from its socket in the alveolar bone. This is a rare emergency in the dental field and is treated as such. It’s important to keep calm when this happens, make sure the tooth is handled correctly by touching it only by the crown and avoiding the root.  Once again, a quick visit to the dentist is highly recommended.

Tooth intrusion –  this injury is different in the sense that instead of your tooth being knocked out, its pushed back into your jawbone. This can damage your tooth pulp sometimes to beyond repair. It could also shorten your roots which could cause other dental complications. Sport-related injuries have the potential to cause you long term dental problems, which is why if you feel like something is out of place after your sporting game, it’s always best to go pay your dentist a visit.

Cracked teeth – most players that suffer from this injury if during the game they sustain a direct blow to the face. This is why the mouthguard is seen as the primary form of protection. If it’s happened that you suffer from a cracked tooth, you will see a crack or split that starts at the beginning of the crown going right until the end of the tooth. You might also experience pain when biting or a consistent aching in the tooth. You’ll also feel pain while eating and drinking.

The helpful mouthguard

A well-fitted mouthguard can reduce chances of a concussion and any other related injuries, it can also be worn during practice or sporting competitions. It should be well fitted, comfortable, easily cleaned, resistant to tearing and not restrictive when it comes to speech or breathing. Below are the sports that dentists recommend athletes guard up for:

  • Acrobats
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Field hockey
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby
  • Martial arts

If you play sports or feel you need greater dental protection book a consultation with one of our dental prosthetists today.

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