COVID-19 Message


Important information about novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following government guidelines, Dentures at Clayfield asks patients/visitors to check-in using the Check In Qld app. Where a person may be unable to use the Check in Qld app staff can register the person in the app or collect contact tracing information by using another method (eg. paper-based form).

We are asking patients/visitors if you are showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) to postpone your visit until clearance has been provided by your GP or if an updated COVID-19 test shows negative results. When visiting, please wear a face mask, use hand sanitisers and follow social distancing requirements.

Our Clinic/Laboratory measures:

People with coronavirus may experience symptoms such as:

  • fever
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath
  • runny rose
  • fatigue
  • diarrhoea
  • vomiting or nausea
  • loss of smell and/or taste
  • muscle or joint pain
  • loss of appetite

For the latest advice, information, vaccine information, resources and translated resources please refer to the Commonwealth Department of Health and Queensland Health Coronavirus webpage. You can also call the National Coronavirus Help Line on 1800 020 080 – it operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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